LED Signs

Brilliant Star knows how that aside from being seen outside, that it is important for your work to be seen inside. Without state-of-the-art lighting and fixtures solutions, you can rest assured your work environment, exterior space and your signs are always as bright as they can be. That is why Brilliant Star Signs have a division that handles all lighting aspects of your business:  from sales, service, retrofits, and installations.

By upgrading to LED lights, not only will your workplace be brighter, it will also reduce your electricity bills go up to 70% each month, giving you great savings month after month. Most projects and upgrades pay themselves off within the first twelve to eighteen months. Not to mention most electricity companies offer rebates that give up to $100 off each fixture. Brilliant Star Signs will work with your company and fill out all the details and submit your application ensuring that you get the rebate that you deserve when switching to LED Lights and Fixtures.

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