Never compromise your business’ safety ever again with our CCTV Services! The video footage that our CCTV can be used to help resolve crime such as robbery, vandalism, employee theft, arson, and more. It’s also effective to dissuade future perpetrators.

What is it?

Since the 1940’s, CCTVs or Closed Circuit Television have been used to monitor and protect businesses by recording footages of entrances or areas of interest along your property. Combined with today’s technology, CCTVs can now record multiple locations, with the footages lasting from days, to months, depending on the memory capacity of your unit. It can also be partnered with motion detection devices to help secure the location.

Benefits for Business

You spend money on your investments, so it is imperative that you protect them. Our modern CCTV systems can be paired up with your existing security system to maximize security. Having a CCTV system can also help dissuade people with ill-intent. Most theft leave with damages to your property that can be more expensive than the items stolen. The footages, aside from other modern functions that our CCTV have, can be used as evidence in court in the case of break-ins, employee theft, and other grave offences towards your business and your property. We even offer weather proof CCTV Cameras that can be used to monitor outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, waterfronts, gardens, parks, and more.

Modern Benefits

Aside from recording footages, your CCTV system can also come with different functions thanks to modern technology. These include:

  • High Resolution Cameras
  • 4K Channels
  • Automatic Cloud Back-Up
  • Automatic and Scheduled Footage removal
  • User Friendly Softwares
  • Remote-Controlled View
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • And so much more

They can also be connected to your network so you can check them offsite.

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