Planning and Permit Approvals

Bigger signs attract bigger customers. However, this also means that it requires construction of some sort. Like everything that requires construction, your signs might also need construction permits and city clearance and permits before you can proceed to make them. This is where Brilliant Star Signs step in. We have an expert in-house architect that will help you plan out your sign. From the basic construction of it to the ideal location where it needs to be placed – all to maximize visibility.

We also work with real estate and property experts, as well as an experienced legal team to help with drafting the plans, and creating the requests and filling out the form. Our team will work tirelessly so your new sign can be built as soon as possible. Acquiring a permit has never been more efficient! When you work with us, you will experience and find out why we have been one of the leading Signs maker in Michigan for over 25 years.

Our services include providing a draft visual copy so you can see how the sign would look. We will help you design and optimize the sign so it can be catchy. We also design logos in case you do not have one at hand. Aside from all our planning services, we can also make a digital mock-up so that you can see clearly how the new sign will look once it is up.

From A to Z we have all of your signage needs under one roof.

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